My ferry base

The boss reclined and he and his officials proudly told me their service connects Indonesia by ferry. Yep, I thought, and you’ll be connecting the last leg of my 100th world record attempt next too, making my homestretch possible (with only a direct car trip left after that). This was crucial to my hoped-for world record attempt success, because if I was unable to get to / from Makassar, the final section of my journey would collapse. And that would definitely be a disaster for my publicity aims.

So, Indonesia Ferry Batulicin office, you may not realise it but you’re extremely important to me now. My need for faith in Indonesia Ferry has never been stronger and I know you’ll bring me safely and punctually to the end of my massive Borneo hitchhike. Thank you Indonesia Ferry Batulicin office and thanks to you too Kiki; whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re my heroes for now!

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