Do you know what was good about this?

Ok, I got 8 snails on my face. The great bit was when National Geographic Kids published the story, spreading attention about snails. That’s a really big magazine, with a large audience in many parts of the world.


Although the article was brief, it did highlight some characteristics about snail behaviour and biology. I was so pleased, because young people were reading about snails and they were learning. I know that because the story got widespread attention.


In today’s urban environments, children don’t know much about the natural world they need to live. There was once a case from American inner city culture in which kids didn’t know where milk came from before it got into the bottles in shops. Sad!


As technology overtakes life, such cases of youngsters growing up – removed from the natural systems which they need to stay alive, will no doubt increase.


A case in point is the Chinese demand for rhinoceros horn. To them, it’s a great commodity with mystical powers. In reality, it’s some dude’s pointy nose which has been chopped off using brute force.


If people understood more about what nature does for us, I know I’d be far more grateful next time I see some critter. So having my snail world record published in such a big magazine is fantastic – it’s helping to educate. What do you think?

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