Commit suicide

Most people don’t know how to kill themselves, their families, and all those people they come across every week. It’s really easy. Just follow this step-by-step plan and you’re sure to have every one of them dead.


Work hard in the city, enjoy yourself afterwards, follow business plans, invest in the highest-paying options, buy real estate, go on plenty of vacations, have children, and entertain whenever you can. That’s a proven formula for suicide. Really!


Most of the world’s leading scientists agree that the way we are currently living is beyond our means. But if you ask retail associations, patent attorneys and the like, they’ll probably dismiss such claims. That’s because those in denial enjoy the money which arises from carefree mishandling of the earth’s dwindling resources.


The consumerism model in its broadest sense is consistently raising the curtain between buyers and producers. If they’re to ensure that you – the end user – continue to buy and use whatever you can be tempted with, these people have got to keep lifting the curtain of deception higher. Sadly, the more buyers want, the more trash and destruction is necessary to produce it. But those working in consumerism-linked industries don’t want you to know this, otherwise their profits may decline if you get upset about the mess. The curtain is painted in pretty pictures, advertising and promises of grand futures for all. These are lies!


Strip away the veneer between places where consumerism’s products are sourced, and what you find on offer in the shops. The items you see come to be from a variety of inputs, and waste was created in doing so. When you buy anything you don’t actually need, you’re effectively saying “I’m showing my support for people who kill life for the sake of money”.

The earth can tolerate abuse to some extent. We’ve assaulted it with chemicals, deforestation, mass animal slaughter, ocean floor dredging, genetic modification, albedo changes, species relocations, human overpopulation, mining and more. To its credit, the earth continues to give us life. Bravo.


But the more modern societies ignore what’s behind that curtain of deception, the greater the lists of irreversible destruction are becoming. On every continent, ecological systems are losing integrity. Those are the very places we need to keep us alive. But the masters of consumerism-based marketing keep diverting our attention to “Buy now!”, “Two for the price of one!”, “Special sale” and so forth.  So what’s their plan?


As the title says, its suicide. Those at the top of the power game want complete destruction because they’ll make money in the process. The most effective way to make civilisation-wide collapse a reality is to maintain public ignorance about how close we are to our society crumbling, and to ensure that the brainwashed masses love consuming the last of what’s available to our species.


The future is bleak. But I don’t expect anyone to believe this. If you think this is rubbish, then you are a success story in the eyes of consumerism. They’ve convinced you there’s nothing to worry about, so that you happily spend your wealth on useless junk before resources run dry and large sections of the population begin to die off.


But if this worries you intensely, you ought to be congratulated. Because it is you the masses will turn to when collapse strikes, screaming in fear and demanding a return to “normality” – which will never again be possible. The new Dark Ages will have arrived, and you will become its leaders.

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