Bolt-cutters in my pants

Having taken the final waypoint measurement for my evidence-collection process, I trotted up the steps of a hotel arrivals area in east Banjarmasin to where I had pre-arranged independent witnesses waiting for me. I’m sure you don’t want to know exactly how the device was removed, but I can tell you it involved long-nosed pliers, a Leatherman multi-tool, and a 60-cm long pair of bolt cutters! I’d tried to source a smaller pair but nobody seemed to have one.

On video, and with plenty of photos being taken, the ring was sliced through twice so the flesh could be pulled loose. A provision in the rules allowed me to do this, which was the option I chose given how exhausted I was. I was nervous about using the bolt-cutters because they’re such a powerful tool, and I know there’s a lot of blood where I was crunching the bolt-cutters’ jaws onto the thick plastic ring. The fishing line was cut and pulled free. And the signatures in the epoxy were revealed as required by the rules.

There was great relied as the CB-X Male Chastity Device was cut away from me providing my sexual freedomYet, before I could think, I was free, free, free. It was an incredible feeling of relief. A plume of stink filled the room and I could see what resembled a petri dish of laboratory-engineered slime halfway between my face and my feet. Thank goodness I’d thought of buying almost 100% pure alcohol hand sanitizer, which I emptied onto my nether regions next. The sting was immense and I screamed. But I knew that once clean, I’d be safe.

An hour later I was. The sensation of freedom from chastity was wonderful, but it also meant I faced the mammoth job of winding down my 100th world record attempt. Since sleeping for much of the past 36 hours, that’s basically what I’ve been doing: shutting down this event.

There have been some pleasant interruptions though, in the way of media. I was shuffled into a major newspaper / radio / TV group of companies for several interviews. I’ve since appeared as a front-page print article, a TV piece and on more radio around this part of Indonesia. As I wind down this event, more media keeps coming. That, my friends, was the prime goal from the start. So am I satisfied? Absolutely I am.

So if you fancy emulating or even trying to beat this experience, you can start by getting your own CB-X Male Chastity device.

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