Along the way

No, I’ve not disappeared. My life in Indonesia is never boring, and I’m constantly researching, fixing, arranging, assembling, writing and cleaning up after myself. Unexpected events are the norm here, keeping me busy. Below is some of what I’ve recently been through as I work my way through my current world record attempt.

A while ago I finished preparing my 80-something short videos for final production. The job took me months of careful editing and much thought. Not being an expert at this sort of thing, I often got stressed. Nevertheless, I completed the series. Now that I’m ready for the next step, my videographer has disappeared. I’m flummoxed – I’d have thought a skilled and experienced worker would want their job and their payment. When I’m feeling spritely, I’ll need to go looking for the services I had from the last person.

The violence of thunder and lightning here in Borneo are unforgettable. Last month, during a string of frightening storms, I was scared stiff by a clap of thunder. It startled me so much I noticed I landed on the bed in a slightly different place to where I’d been sitting before it happened. The following morning, word spread that a man had been killed by lightning the night before just 200 metres from me. I can only imagine the clap which alarmed me followed the bolt which did the killing. I often walk as I search for project items. I dread being caught far from shelter should lightning begin to strike very close by.

Large rats and insectivorous bats are common in houses here. Small bats routinely get trapped inside my base and I have to direct them out to freedom. Sometimes the pitter-patter of walking on the ceiling panels is so loud, I wonder if the resident rats have been replaced by cats. But the characteristic squeals of rats which accompany the cavorting confirms not. I worry they might decide to eat their way into my educational world record attempt items. To my surprise, yesterday the stench of rotting flesh began to fill my kitchen. I can’t get to it, but if it’s a big dead rat, I’d be pleased – it’d be one less rodent around to discover my educational items.

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