After the European trains

Immediately after finishing my performance on an Italian world records TV show, I made my next destination central Africa. I have a great interest in that area; the greater Congo Basin. It faces immense pressures from loggers, smugglers, poachers and many other varieties of “earth robbers”.


But it is still wild, and that’s the lovely thing about it. So despite having been told more horror stories to deter me that one could fill a decent book with, I decided to venture in there for myself.


And – since you might know what makes me tick by now – you’d be right in guessing I went there wondering about world record possibilities. What events I could undertake remained uncertain, although I did manage to inspect the place first-hand.


If you’re out for a good spot to visit, perhaps you could consider this region. You probably won’t find too much evidence of world record attempts there but I bet you’ll come back with a story or three.


So best of luck on your own adventures, whether you go to this area or elsewhere, and whether you’re there to see or to try your own world record!

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