WRCbannerSmall-200x200Welcome. My blog depicts the life of a travelling world record breaker. Sound different? It certainly is, and I know only a handful of others doing the same…

I took to world record-breaking in 2004 after being inspired by a record-setting rally driver in Kenya. What began as a hobby soon escalated into an active publicity pursuit. Today, I promote the work of social and environmental causes. For these purposes, the most fitting game plans are chosen; then world titles are attempted and frequently created.

That said, life has intriguing ups and desperate lows in record-breaking. Fortunately for you, being an armchair world record spectator poses none of the risks I face on a weekly basis. All you’ve got to do is keep following me for the latest on my crazed life.

The “In a record-breaker’s mind” section draws you into the thoughts which preoccupy me periodically. “From the office” is pretty much shop talk, with a twist thrown in now and then. And comments which don’t really fit anywhere else go into the “Tweet-like and sporadic” area.

But this blog’s not only about thoughts and work space talk. No way! You can also catch up with my activities in the sections titled “Public appearances” and “Record-breaking on the road”. If that’s not your idea of blog content, don’t despair.

I venture further into ‘blogger land’ in my sections called “Chasing my desires” and I express my deepest thoughts in “Raising the eco alarm”. “Words about others” is a much milder section in which I rate products and services that I’d found awesome. And trust me, I mean they’re awesome!

What’s more, there are hidden bits all over this blog, so get cracking. Follow me here and who knows what you’ll be reading next (that’s half the fun, isn’t it?).

Alastair Galpin (independent record breaker)
2nd biggest Guinness World Records™ breaker of the decade: 2000-09
“Record-breaking exposure” –
* Want your brand in stock footage? Ask!
* Got unwanted air miles? Pass them on to us.
* Are you a true eco-warrior? We’d love to advertise you.
* Need a record breaker for an eco-awareness or community event? Ask!
* Refer website advertising requests you don’t want: We pay for done deals.

Neither Alastair Galpin nor will be responsible for any actions whatsoever undertaken by any person as a result of acting on information blogged about. Always seek expert advice.

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